What people are saying about imPACT…

In March, imPACT wrapped our first cohort of the Elevating the Whole Girl Workshop Series, a six-week program for Baltimore City Public Schools teachers where we delved into the unique educational needs of urban girls of color and developed action plans for intentionally supporting them in our classrooms. It was an inspirational time that moved twenty-eight city schools educators to be champions for their girls! More workshop opportunities will be announced soon!

“I am loving the course so far. I love that you are presenting the material in a variety of ways – from readings to lectures and even small and whole group discussions. I find this topic so interesting and have not had the opportunity to engage in a course specifically about black and urban girls before.”

 “I am enjoying the course and am learning from the materials and overall course structure. Cristina does a good job of infusing current events and modern best practices with history and pedagogy.”

“I feel much better informed to address issues minority girls face. I am already thinking about and applying how I address and work with my girls of color.”

“Cristina was a highly effective principal and role model for the Upper School girls. She exhibited exceptional leadership and communication skills. Cristina was receptive to any feedback from students, teachers, and families to promote academic excellence, leadership, and sisterhood… She is passionate about all girls education and implementing best practices for supporting girls and young women.”

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