Girls imPACT Series

December 15, 2020/ On Social Media and Voice
Top Left and Clockwise: Cristina Easton, Dr. Stephanie Akoumany, Dr. Sally Nuamah, Erika Cartledge, Kamora Mitchell (grade 7, BLSYW), Ashley Day, Deairra Nelson (grade 11, BLSYW)

“We knew that we had to offer girls and women opportunities to create life changing conversations that will inspire others… these inter-generational conversations will help listeners use their voice, even when it shakes, to pursue their passions, live their purpose, look for mentors, and build their network that will help them bloom into their best selves, this is how we make impact in the world.”

Dr. Stephanie Akoumany, co-host of the Girls imPACT Web Series

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